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“After completing Poynter’s Fundamentals of Investigative Journalism course in the summer, I quickly began applying all that I learned to my work.
The course allowed me to collaborate with reporters and journalists across North America, hearing their thoughts and ideas on important topics – which ultimately led me to expand my mind on these topics.
Poynter’s course also helped me better understand the impact of journalists’ work, and for that, I am forever grateful.
Thank you again for this opportunity.” — Ethan Morneau, Vista Radio, Campbell River, B.C.

Are you a journalism professional, working for a news source in BC? Or maybe you’re a journalism educator in the province?

You could be eligible to receive a Professional Development Fellowship in order to take a course(s) to further your journalism career or receive funding to embark upon a self-defined project/area of study. Over the course of the year the Foundation also provides free educational seminars for those in the journalism industry – just two ways the Foundation seeks to foster excellence in journalism. Check out the information below.




New this year!  Apply for the Lieutenant Governor’s B.C. Journalism Fellowship announced by the Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of B.C. (pictured right) which provides funding for journalists to invest the time and resources in producing in-depth coverage on topics of importance to British Columbians.

Every year the Foundation also offers working journalists and educators the opportunity to attend courses for short-term professional development, or to create a self-defined fellowship for other studies/research.

Lt Governor of British Columbia The Honorable Janet Austin



At various times in the year the Foundation holds educational seminars for working and student journalists, as well as for journalism educators and those involved in the profession.

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