EventBrite Ticket FAQ

Will a ticket be required to enter the event?

Yes, a printed ticket or viewable on a cell phone will be required, as we will scan QR codes at the door to check each guest in.

Where to purchase tickets?

We are using Eventbrite to sell tickets for this event, go to our event from this link.

Can I purchase tickets for more than one person?

You can purchase up to 50 tickets from the event page.

How to purchase tickets on behalf of others?

If you know the contact information of the other individuals you are purchasing tickets on behalf of, you can input the email address and first and last name for each ticket you purchase. Each individual will receive their own e-ticket. If you don’t yet know this information, simply enter your name and email address for now, and then edit the ticket(s) later once you know who will be attending (see below info re: how to do this).

Do I need to enter contact information for each ticket?

Yes- you do. On the ticket purchase screen you can either enter in contact information for each ticket, if you know who is using each ticket upon purchasing them, or use your contact information for your own (Ticket 1), if you don’t have all the information on hand.

Not to worry, you can easily edit this information at any point after the purchase is completed.

How do I manage my tickets and send e-tickets to other individuals?

Login into Eventbrite, and go to “Tickets” in the top right corner.

Here you can Print Tickets to use or distribute hard copies to others, or you can Edit the contact information for each ticket, after which the e-ticket can be emailed to those person(s).

Still having trouble?

Send us a question at [email protected]